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BTS ′LOVE YOURSELF Her′ Fan Theories Event Results - 2

2017.10.15 22:00 Kenzie Park

Since September 13 through September 25, Mwave held the Fan Theories Event leading up to BTS′ comeback with DNA. We were able to see how much fans cherished and enjoyed BTS′ concept and AU. Thanks to the many participants, entries will be revealed through a series of 3 articles. Through this article, check out the text entries based on DNA and the Highlight Reel.

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About the title ‘DNA’
“In short, we ARMYs are the DNA of BTS. We form BTS. We complete BTS. We are, each of us, a little UNIVERSE to BTS”

Highlight Reel

Wreckage Diaries_
“Somehow, it made me think that the girls represented their deepest fears and hopes”

Lisliane Pereira
"The girls with the boys are NOT real, they are the representation of their pair"

“Seokjin has time travelled back two times”

Post HYYH (or even WINGS) era. They separated ways after going back from the sea (except for Jimin & Hoseok). They meet these girls that they fell in love with? or start to have romantic feelings with? or got their attention that they wanted to know more about them. But the things that happened in their past holds them back from making a move (or just to getting to know the girls on a deeper level).

Looking at the individual poster quotes, Namjoon, Seokjin, and Taehyung, want something (in their past?) to be fixed. Yoongi and Jimin seemed to have given up, firmly believing that they do not deserve to be loved because of what happened in their past. Hoseok and Jungkook just want to move on from their past, trying to learn to love themselves but then again their past acts as a hindrance to them.

The demons of their past haunt them, these things hold them back in loving themselves, thus making them doubt if they can also love other people. I dunno if you believe it, but before you can fully love other people, you must learn to love yourself first. Loving yourself would mean accepting your past, present self, and being able to look forward to your future self without worrying over your past.

Kim Hyunmi | DNA
HYYH never end.

Starting from I Need U, which portrays the instability of youth and continued by Run, which shows the energetic side of youth before the HYYH series ′ended′ with HYYH forever with title track of Fire, did you realize that HYYH never ended?

With the existence of HYYH The Notes that hopefully we can read it soon, it proves that HYYH didn′t end on HYYH forever. It′s a time lapse, and Jin is travelling through the time. Wings shows the side of youth falling into irresistible temptation which we can consider that it′s actually Jin who fall into the irresistible temptation, because he want to have the ability to turn back the time. To save his friends, to undone the mistake that they′ve done, to warn them about what will happen in the future.

Highlight Reel for Love Yourself, shows that Jin is actually travelling through time because of the time stamp.

Wings is actually the consequences of Jin who travelled back through the time repetitiously. His face cracked at the end of the music video.

And maybe, he managed to travel back through time and fix up the mistake.

And Jin is gone, for good.

That′s why there′s a scene of shoes hanging on the tree in Spring Day. It′s Jin shoes that Jimin hold and hung it on the tree. It′s a signify that someone had died.

If you watch the VCR for HYYH concert, the 7 members are taking a group picture but only Jin was captured. It′s because only Jin was alive at that time; and he′s not accepting the truth. That′s why he travel back through the time, that′s why the quote on the Love Yourself poster said; ′If I can turn back time, I wish to go back to the summer sea.′ Because that′s the only time where they were the happiest, before they didn′t contact each other after that. Like it was planned.

So we′re still circling in the HYYH era, but with different names.

HYYH; 15.04.29 - Forever.

Click the titles below!
First Love

#HER eemiinn
“This short story is about what each member does when they are alone, not with the other member”

Sanchari Bhowmik
My theory shows the Love Yourself Highlight Reel in which the boys struggle with love but if you wanna love someone first you have to love yourself and not to forget that life′s precious. Also I expect it would be more beautiful than The Beautiful Moments in Life series. That′s it. Love you a lot BTS and Fighting!

Johansen Bang
Part 4 (Very quick analysis; I′m busy *cries*)
"If we could turn back the clock, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can all our mistakes and errors be undone? Will happiness be ours to stay? Though many seasons pass, there are places that cannot be reached. Yet another storm to be faced and to be weathered head-on. Loving without fear. Hesitating and parting. Merely living as the person I am."

Honestly, I had a headache just merely thinking about these lines. As what I have told you, the six members represent Jin, the girls are there counterparts (anima), the red notebook contains imaginations/vision... and I am thinking now if all of those scenes from HYYH really happened, as they played backward to the reel.

But I think they were. They really happened (in Jin′s life--as he represents the six members)
Remember his caption from his poster?
"If I could turn back time, I want to go back to the sea of that summer."

All of those happened in Jin′s life, and he was trying to turn back time, just like the lyrics in the song, Butterfly:

[Will you stop time
If this moment passes
As though it hadn′t happened
I′m scared scared scared I′ll lose you]

Jin wanted to go back and change something from the PAST, but he only got tired after doing so (as what I have noticed; he looks so sick and almost giving up.) He will never reach the place even though how many times he tries.
That′s why he saved the vase from falling, because small things can affect everything in the FUTURE, and we call that butterfly effect.
He didn′t want to see something breaking again, ′cause he has regrets in the past.
But even though he has regrets, he will now try to love himself--the way he WAS.
The way he is.

Well, anyway, you ever noticed the moon on his poster?
We call that Waxing Crescent Moon, and that will appear on SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 (MONDAY)
I don′t know if there is something Big Hit will drop on that day, but let us just be ready, in case.

a brown piano
My theory for what the overarching concept is https://twitter.com/kookminvasion/status/896394042510000128, how Jin is time travelling https://twitter.com/kookminvasion/status/899937315316879360 and how he remembers every universe in the Highlight Reels https://twitter.com/kookminvasion/status/898631704910348288. Also, how the time travel thing connects to Wings/HYYH https://twitter.com/kookminvasion/status/861964106554892288.
“He′s stuck in a timeloop trying to review his decisions from HYYH, since the members are representations of himself too”

Meanwhile, the music video of DNA has become the fastest k-pop group music video to reach over 100 million views on YouTube.

BTS Fan Theory
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