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Monsta X Makes a Straight-up Sexy Meokbang Pledge

2017.11.07 15:30 Vanessa Augsbach

Monsta X celebrated the release of their 5th mini album “The Code” with a “COMEBACK SHOW-CON” where they treated fans to a live demo of their new “straight up sexy” concept, as well as the promise of a meokbang guaranteed to be must-watch, laptop television.

Shownu wasted no time in doing a live demo of “Dramarama’s” three point-dances, which we can safely call a shimkung trifecta. The trio of moves including a step-by-step dance which saw the band’s leader wind himself down to the floor, from finger to toe, followed by a sexy “hide and go seek” move, and finally a shoulder brush dance that may just give you flashback vibes to another quintessential Monsta X shoulder move—“All In’s” behind-view shoulder rolls.


But, as fans of “Lipstick Prince” know, when you ask Shownu to dance, only good things can happen. Exhibit A: “Dramarama’s” point dances in the clip above. Exhibit B: Shownu and the magnificent sword dance in the clip below.


Later, Monsta X entered a serious discussion—how would they celebrate if everyone in the group remained un-injured through this promotion cycle? After input from everyone from Shownu to Hyungwon, the group decided on the following pledge, “If no one gets hurt, we will do a meokbang. We will release a video of a “straight-up sexy” “meat meokbang.”Let the video below serve as evidence of this promise.


Monsta X’s Wonho was absent from the “COMEBACK SHOW-CON” after being diagnosed with a severe flu according to the band′s management, Starship Entertainment. He is expected to re-join promotions with the group from the Nov. 9 episode of “M COUNTDOWN.”

At the time of publishing this article, Monsta X’s “Dramarama” has exceeded 1.5M YouTube views within one day of release. Check out Monsta X’s first performance of “Dramarama” below at their COMEBACK SHOW-CON!

Want the opportunity to see Monsta X live? We′re pumped to announce that they will be appearing on "MEET&GREET" soon, so don′t forget to get your album now on Mwave′s official K-Pop Goods page.

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