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[Star of the Week] Song Ji Hyo, the Actress Before Running Man

2014.02.09 04:00 Grace Danbi Hong

While most fans know her as The Ace on SBS’ Running Man, it’s important to be reminded that before the fierceness and the hilarity she’s shown on the variety show, she is an actress foremost.

So as our Star of the Week, we look through her impressive track record. See if you knew it was Song Ji Hyo in some of these projects!

This was Song Ji Hyo’s first drama ever, and she picked a good project to begin with.

In MBC’s Goong, Song Ji Hyo took on the role of Min Hyo Rin, the crown prince’s sorta-girlfriend-but-not-really.

Of course, then things got even more complicated when the crown prince was forced into marriage with a girl and a love triangle was formed.
Frozen Flower

In a movie about the close relationship between a king and his right hand man-lover, Song Ji Hyo played the queen, who caused a small riff between the two men.

A very difficult role to play, but Song Ji Hyo managed to pull through well.
Jackal is Coming

Playing a somewhat bumbling killer, Song Ji Hyo was given the task of murdering one of the hottest hallyu stars ever (Kim Jae Joong).

Of course with Song Ji Hyo as the assassin, things didn’t go the way that she expected, but don’t let Song Ji Hyo’s clumsy, yet hilarious behavior fool you, because there’s a twist at the end.

New World

New World revolved around a group of Korean mobs and their attempts to take over when the big head boss gets killed.

While she didn’t appear for the majority of the movie, Song Ji Hyo managed to leave a lasting impression on the audience as she played an undercover cop, determined to ruin the mobs’ plans.

Unfortunately for her, things didn’t end well, but her performance definitely lasts in our memories, and that’s a skill that every actor would want.
Emergency Couple

And we get to our latest drama from Song Ji Hyo!

After getting a nasty divorce in tvN’s Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo works hard to become a doctor, only to find out that she’ll be an intern at a hospital in the same group as her ex-husband.

While the drama is fairly new, Song Ji Hyo managed to capture the viewers with her charms because as we were flipping channels during the Lunar New Year holiday, the adults always mentioned that Emergency Couple was hilarious.

Photo Credit: Elle Girl, MBC, Opus Pictures, Sanai Pictures, tvN
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