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[Interview] Hwa Young Opens Up About Revealing Scene in ‘Today’s Love,’ Returning as a Singer and More

2015.02.07 23:52 Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

As a 22-year-old, her life has been like a roller coaster. Although she debuted as a member of T-ara in 2009, she stood at the center of controversy in 2012 and left the group. She chose to become an actress instead of a singer in the second stage of her life.

Hwa Young made her big screen debut through the film Today’s Love, which premiered in January, living out the new stage of her life. Although she was originally a member of a girl group and has few acting experience, she caught eyes with her acting ability that exceeded expectations. She caught the attention of the audience members by showing off her charms as Lee Seung Gi’s ‘some’ girl as well as with the bold revealing scene.

What were the reasons she transitioned from being a girl group member to an actress and how she could be so bold in her first project?

[Interview] Hwa Young Opens Up About  Revealing Scene in ‘Today’s Love,’ Returning as a Singer and More

▶ How was meeting Hwa Young?

Hwa Young was honest. She was open about her pain, regrets and emotions of the past. However, her eyes were set on the future instead of on the past. She said, “There is no need to hide my emotions. There are certain things I regret but I have to walk the path of an actress now. I’m the type that heads straight forward once I have a goal. I just want to focus on that.”

Taking her first step in acting, didn’t she feel awkward in the film industry? Isn’t she dreaming of her life as a singer again? Hwa Young said, “I have no lingering desire to become a singer again. But I do feel regretful in regards to the final stage. If I can get the chance, I would like to mark the end before I step down. Acting is still an unfamiliar and strange field but I’ve been working hard by attending drinking gatherings with the seniors, director and staff members. Although this is just the beginning, I would like to learn more and try many tings.”

▶ The following is a Q&A:

- It was your big screen debut project. It must’ve been meaningful.

“It really was a meaningful project. Although I debuted as a girl group member, my dream has always been to act. I was so nervous and excited when I first saw myself on the screen.

- How were you cast?

“Director Park Jin Pyo is the type that auditions a lot. I think he meets with different kinds of people on a regular basis and contemplates about each character. I heard that he was interested in actress Hwa Young to the point where he scrutinized one photoshoot that I did. Afterwards, I passed the final round through the audition.”

- Many claim that you showed acting skills that exceeded their expectations.

“I’m just very thankful. But I still lack in many things to be called an actress. I think I have to learn more and work hard to feel confident. I’m still unskilled.”

[Interview] Hwa Young Opens Up About  Revealing Scene in ‘Today’s Love,’ Returning as a Singer and More

- You had a bold revealing scene. Wasn’t it hard to pull off?

“I’m more prim than I look. I tend to be sensitive to revealing my skin so I had to think a lot. But the director led me like a father, saying, ‘just trust me and follow’ so it worked out well. I’ve never filmed such a sexy scene. I really don’t think I can do it again if I was asked.”

- You acted as Lee Seung Gi’s ‘some’ girl. What’s your dating style like in real life?

“I’m not the type that enjoys ‘some.’ I make the first move if I like someone. In the film, I was so frustrated about Jun Su (Lee Seung Gi). More than feeling frustrated, I felt angry. I don’t have a lot of dating experience. I think I don’t like doing the push and pull because of my bad memories on having ‘some.’ Shouldn’t you be clear about you like and dislike? Also, I tend to stay home all the time so I don’t think I can date easily.”

- You must have things you’re satisfied with and regretful about since it’s your first movie

“I personally really enjoyed the movie. If I had had more acting experience, I would’ve been able to pull it off with more abundant emotions... but I lacked in experience. I was hoping for a scene showing Moon Chae Won unnie and I having a battle. I wanted to show that psychological warfare between women, but it’s too bad.”

“I’m grateful for the audience members’ feedback saying that I look ‘pretty.’ I was especially happy to hear that I look like Park Shin Hye sunbaenim. Plastic surgery? I really didn’t do it. If I were to get plastic surgery, my sister (Hyo Young) has to do it too, but that wouldn’t work out. (laughter)”

[Interview] Hwa Young Opens Up About  Revealing Scene in ‘Today’s Love,’ Returning as a Singer and More

- Do you have a role model?

“I think most actresses dream of becoming like Jun Ji Hyun sunbaenim from the film My Sassy Girl. I began having such a desire. The character Hee Jin that I acted out in the movie is charming too but I was just busy and overwhelmed to play that character. I think I still have a long way to go.”

- You just took your first step as an actress. Do you have a special goal?

“I’m still at the stage where I should be learning a lot. If possible, I would like to build a lot of experience through many projects. There are many parts that I should develop. I was grateful to hear that I’m ‘pretty’ from the director and from Seung Gi oppa but I could see the awkwardness in my acting. I would like to improve on that.”

- What is your resolve going forward?

“I’m thankful for what I’m doing now. As much as it is a tough period, I would like to become someone who can be like vitamin to all the unnies and oppas working hard in this society. It’s good to hear that I’m a good actress but I would like to become someone who can cheer others up. I will work hard.”

Photo credit: enews/Kim Byung Kwan

Hwa Young
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