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[Interview] Boyfriend Talks Finally Finding its Color, Goal for This Year and More

2015.03.08 01:00 Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

‘The boyfriend-dol has been spotted in the fairy tale.’

The six membered group Boyfriend threw its hat into the ring once more to become a top idol group. The group will be releasing the fourth mini album Boyfriend in Wonderland on March 9 and stand in front of the fans.

Entering its fifth year, Boyfriend won first place on a music program for the first time since it’s debut and held the first solo concert in 2014. They were determined to ‘climb up to the top by setting the honor as the foundation.’

[Interview] Boyfriend Talks Finally Finding its Color, Goal for This Year and More

▶ Meeting Boyfriend

Maybe it was because Young Min and Kwang Min had just returned from MBC’s Real Man. The atmosphere of the interview reminded one of the barracks in the army. Leader Dong Hyun playfully joked around with the members and Young Min and Kwang Min carefully responded, as if they are army privates.

Dong Hyun said, “I don’t know if it’s because Young Min and Kwang Min just came back from Real Man, but they came back so well disciplined. Although I haven’t gone to the army yet, I’ve experienced it indirectly through the Marine Corps camp. I think I have an idea of what it feels like.”

Kwang Min and Young Min then commented, “It was really tough. We missed our mom and our family. You have to experience it in order to know what it’s really like.”

Boyfriend has been gathering immense popularity from overseas, which spread from Japan all the way to Latin America. Starting in May, the group will be holding a Latin American tour in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Bolivia. What is the secret behind their popularity?

Hyun Sung said, “We’re amazed too. I think it shows how much the foreign fans are interested in K-pop and Korean culture. We feel proud and good. As much as we have spent a meaningful year last year, we will work hard so that more people can recognize Boyfriend.”

[Interview] Boyfriend Talks Finally Finding its Color, Goal for This Year and More

▶ Below is the Q&A

- You gained meaningful success last year. You must have a lot of expectation for the upcoming promotions.

“We didn’t promote in Korea for two years prior to 2014. I was happy when I heard that we would be releasing an album in Korea again, after the gap years. But that’s how pressured I felt at the same time. We won first place on a music program and succeeded in wrapping up a solo concert too. Now is the time for us to work harder as we go forward with gratitude.” (Dong Hyun)

- You will be returning with the song Bounce. What kind of concept have you prepared?

“We’ve found Boyfriend’s color. The song Witch from last year used ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ as the concept. As an extension to that, we found our color through ‘grim fairy tales.’ We each transformed into a unique character with the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’” (Jung Min)

- How is it different from the last album?
“In the last album, we emphasized all six members’ performance together. This time, we’ve prepared a stage with unique characteristics for each of the members. Like we’ve added a powerful impact to each of the members’ parts. We’re planning to present a stage that is entertaining to watch.” (Dong Hyun)

- The concept is rather dreamy and fantastical. Don’t you feel pressured about the unrealistic concept?

“It’s not easy. Since there are many characters that are not humans, we needed different items and it required a lot of research. So we thought about it a lot. But I feel proud when I see the end result. It suits us well and more than anything, the fans like it. I think we’ve got the right concept.” (Dong Hyun)

[Interview] Boyfriend Talks Finally Finding its Color, Goal for This Year and More

- Although you’ve earned meaningful success, there have been some tough times. Is there anything you can never forget?

“It would be our first stage. I was so shaky, I don’t even know how I performed on stage. But I can still remember the tremors because it was so powerful. I don’t think I would ever forget the tremors even if we become successful.” (Kwang Min)

“There was a time when we went overseas after promoting in Korea. It was for about two years and I remember worrying a lot at that time. I felt a sense of shame thinking, ‘Would we ever be able to be loved?’ So I remember those days the most. I think gaining success through Witch last year was also the result of fiercely worrying.” (Jung Min)

- Young Min and Kwang Min went to the army through Real Man. I can feel a different kind of energy compared to before.

“I enlisted in the army [for Real Man] prior to our promotions. I cut my hair and I didn’t know that they would cut it this short. I was also worried about exposing my bare face as an idol. My mother also came when I cut my hair and she cried as she watched. I felt sad.” (Kwang Min)

“I never missed training and tried to work hard. All I was thinking about is that I need to get my head on straight. Marching was harder than the CBR training. Kwang Min even had to go in the ambulance during marching because he sprained himself. (laughter)” (Young Min)

- What is your goal?
“We prepared a lot for this album. We would like to set Boyfriend’s turf and color in stone through the upcoming promotions. I think grim fairy tales and Boyfriend go very well with one another. The world tour is coming up and we would like to go on a year-end ceremony tour once the overseas tour is over. We have a lot of anticipation and desire for this year.” (Min Woo)

Photo credit: Starship Entertainment

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