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[Interview] 2PM′s Junho Shares on ′Twenty,′ Lee Yu Bi and His Future Acting Career

2015.04.04 21:00 An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

You go in to watch Kim Woo Bin, but you′ll leave having discovered 2PM′s Junho.

Those who watched the film Twenty can relate to this statement.

Twenty six years old. Already a successful singer but just a baby when it comes to acting.

His potential was acknowledged through the 2013 film Cold Eyes, but it seemed too early to draw a blueprint as an actor.

However, his performance in the film Twenty was more than enough to add the title ′actor′ in front of his name.

In the film about three 20-year-old friends, Junho acts as Dong Woo, the friend who only has strong survival skills. He dreams of being a cartoonist, but his family′s financial issues prevent him from holding onto those dreams.

In the movie, he didn′t charm the audience with something spectacular that only he could do. He only showed a strong and natural flow of acting. He didn′t try to stick out from the rest, but that was what made him stand out even more.

[Interview] 2PM′s Junho Shares on ′Twenty,′ Lee Yu Bi and His Future Acting Career

"At first, I wondered if I could be doing this. I was confused from the simple appearance. It was so funny that he wore clothes that didn′t fit him and you could see that he didn′t have a lot of hair either. There were times when I felt sorry for Dong Woo because he was poor in those aspects as well," said Junho.

"But the more I acted, the more I thought it was right. After creating the physical appearance, I naturally began to let everything go in my acting. I thought that was what the director wanted, but he later came to me, asking, ′Is that too much?′ and apologized."

He already finished filming the movie, Memories of the Sword, but as the premiere date continues to get postponed, Twenty became his first movie as a leading actor. The burden that he felt getting a lead role after just two projects was great, especially with the homework of getting rid of the prejudice towards idol-turned-actors.

"The sense of responsibility was definitely different. I had to be responsible for 1/3 of the movie. It wasn′t like the lead actors could teach me to do something I didn′t know how to do. I was scared that if the flow got disrupted, it would be clearly seen. I also thought I would feel really sorry to my colleagues if I heard that I was bad because I was an idol-turned-actor," explained Junho.

"So I received a lot of help from the people around me. If it wasn′t for director Lee Byung Hun, it would been even more difficult. He talked a lot with me, helping me to understand and act out the film′s situations. He also made it possible for me to act freely when the cameras started rolling. If I didn′t cause harm to the movie, it would be because of the director."

The funniest part of Twenty is the relationship between the three friends, played by Junho, Kim Woo Bin, and Kang Ha Neul. The three actors created the smoothest ensemble that could be described as perfect.

"It felt like we were high school friends. Because we′re the same age, we also lived through the same generation. We related to each other and had a lot of fun talking about snacks and ice cream from the past that don′t exist anymore. Because I was so comfortable, it was fun acting."

"When we exchanged lines, we talked a lot. ′When I do it like this, you come in here.′ We would say things like that and we understood each other right away, so it melted perfectly into our characters. We got really close. They became really good friends and people that I want to take with me for the rest of my life."

[Interview] 2PM′s Junho Shares on ′Twenty,′ Lee Yu Bi and His Future Acting Career

Bromance is great, but the loveline with Lee Yu Bi wasn′t exactly weak either. The two got along so well that people were suspecting them of being a real couple.

"If only Dong Woo came out, then my parts would have been kind of dark. It would have been depressing. But because So Hee (Lee Yu Bi) came out, it became refreshing. In their conversations, Dong Woo′s personality comes out a lot. He′s kind, pathetic and gullible, and those simple traits were nicely wrapped to appear adorable through his episodes with So Hee. Lee Yu Bi is just So Hee. Because she was such a natural at it, I just went along with it. I′m thankful."

Following Cold Eyes with Twenty, he is slowly building up a strong filmography. With Memories of the Sword, starring Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Byung Hun and more, awaiting its premiere, Junho shared his greed to widen his acting career.

"I feel that the acting I′ve shown already have just been me. I think that′s why a lot of people are acknowledging me because they don′t really see a difference. I want to show many different colors. I want to act out a heavy role, be in a light romantic comedy and a deep melodrama. But I think the timing has to be just right. The projects that I really wanted to do that fell at the right time were these three projects. I also want to challenge myself to film dramas and improve my ability to react quickly."

"What can′t I do? It′s only the beginning."

Photo Credit: enews/Kim Byung Kwan

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