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[Interview Pt. 1] Jang Hyun Seung Says He′s Not Star Material But Lucky

2015.05.15 23:00 Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

From BEAST to Trouble Maker, 26-year-old Jang Hyun Seung′s days are sweet.
The spotlight shines on him, whether he′s a popular idol group member or a unit group member. But if you look closer, Jang Hyun Seung′s life wasn′t all that easy.

In 2006, the title of Big Bang member, which was within reach, vanished before his eyes, and Jang Hyun Seung disappeared with the title ′the sixth member of Big Bang.′ Three years from then, Jang Hyun Seung didn′t give up, but practiced hard. In 2009, he made a brilliant debut in BEAST, which was backed up by the effort he put into it.

Instead of the title ′Big Bang′s Sixth Man,′ Jang Hyun Sung left a powerful impression on the public as ′Jang Hyun Seung.′ Then on May 8, he released his first solo album My, meeting Big Bang again as he made his way onto the stage as a soloist.

[Interview Pt. 1] Jang Hyun Seung Says He′s Not Star Material But Lucky

Jang Hyun Seung is a man of few words. Even when he′s promoting with BEAST or Trouble Maker, he rarely shares what′s on his mind. He′s usually the type to step back and watch while his members speak brilliantly. "I don′t like taking center stage."

So why did he decided to do this interview?

The answer came easily.

The statement, "I worked really hard on this album," managed to give all the reasons.

"Honestly, I′m not star material. I′m not aggressive, and I shy away from things a lot. I don′t talk much, and I enjoy feeling lonely."

"I got here because I was lucky. Fortunately, I′m the type that gets excited and talented on stage, which is how I′m holding out."

Although he showed much affection towards this album, there are no songs that are composed or written by him, unlike the current trend of idol singer-songwriters.

"Why wouldn′t I be greedy about it? It′s a good thing to show my musical capabilities and receive royalties. I do write lyrics and create melodies. However, I wondered if I should go out of my way to do it when my skills fall short of those professionals who write and compose music. More than my greed, I wanted to have an album closer to perfection."

[Interview Pt. 1] Jang Hyun Seung Says He′s Not Star Material But Lucky

Your first week of promotions have ended.

"I think I finished well with good and exciting feelings without getting nervous. I personally am a bit regretful about the first broadcast. Since it was my first time alone on the stage, I was more awkward than I thought. After the first broadcast, I got used to it. This week is my last promotion week, and I think I could be better."

Are you sad about the music chart rankings?

"If I said no, that would be a lie, but that′s something that′s beyond my control. I think it′s just the straightforward assessment of the public. I don′t have anything against that. I′m a bit sad, but it′s okay. The reviews for the performances is too bad, so I′m consoled by them."

You′ve focused on the sexiness during BEAST and Trouble Maker Promotions. It also shows in this album.

"Compared to BEAST or Trouble Maker, I′ve taken out a lot of power. I tried hard to show my true character, that smiles brightly and adorably. Truthfully, the person Jang Hyun Seung isn′t fatally sexy. There are some sexy scenes in the music video or the album concept, but compared to before, it′s nothing. But I am thankful that people are saying that I′m sexy."

Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

BEAST Jang Hyun Seung
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