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[Interview Pt. 2] Jang Hyun Seung is Amazed at Where He and Big Bang are Now

2015.05.16 00:00 Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

From BEAST to Trouble Maker, 26-year-old Jang Hyun Seung′s days are sweet.
The spotlight shines on him, whether he′s a popular idol group member or a unit group member. But if you look closer, Jang Hyun Seung′s life wasn′t all that easy.

In 2006, the title of Big Bang member, which was within reach, vanished before his eyes, and Jang Hyun Seung disappeared with the title ′the sixth member of Big Bang.′ Three years from then, Jang Hyun Seung didn′t give up, but practiced hard. In 2009, he made a brilliant debut in BEAST, which was backed up by the effort he put into it.

Instead of the title ′Big Bang′s Sixth Man,′ Jang Hyun Sung left a powerful impression on the public as ′Jang Hyun Seung.′ Then on May 8, he released his first solo album My, meeting Big Bang again as he made his way onto the stage as a soloist.

Part 2 of Jang Hyun Seung′s interview continues below.

[Interview Pt. 2] Jang Hyun Seung is Amazed at Where He and Big Bang are Now

The music video was quite unconventional

"There′s a scene where I doodle on a woman′s chest, and another where I share a kiss with her in the elevator. I met Hwang Seung Un for the first time that day, so I was really embarrassed to go into filming. During Trouble Maker, Hyuna is part of my company, so it felt a lot easier to do it with a familiar face. So it was very difficult to do all that with an actress I saw for the first time. Hwang Seung Un led me well, so I think it ended up fine."

In Trouble Maker, you showed more shocking and risque scenes. This seems a lot toned down than before.

"Actually, the elevator scene in the music video was a lot stronger. However, through the editing process, we took out some forced parts. The kiss scene didn′t happen for real but was directed. Didn′t we show it all during Trouble Maker? I thought if we went for that concept again, people would just think, ′He only knows how to do that.′ Because it was an album I worked really hard on, I didn′t want that kind of issue to ruin the quality and sincerity put into the songs."

It seems like you emphasized the sexy code.

"Honestly, I always feel burdened by the title ′sexy singer.′ If it was the kind of sexy that′s delicate and natural, that′s another thing, but during Trouble Maker, that blatant feeling didn′t fit well with me. I wanted to show the natural and casual feeling that I didn′t show in BEAST. I wanted to have a surprise twist, like, ′There was a time when Jang Hyun Seung smiled that brightly?′"

Both the group and unit group promotions were successful. What′s the back story to why you came out as a soloist?

"I think it′s the dream of all idol group singers. It′s quite hard to show your own colors within a group. Solo promotions are great platforms to show your color and identity. BEAST is a very charming group. We want to show the colors of each member through solo activities, as well as how much brighter we shine when we′re together again."

BEAST and Solo Jang Hyun Seung - How do the activites differ?

"In group activities, you need compromise. If I step up too directly, it can get tiring for the other members. But with solo promotions, I put in a lot of effort with lots of details in the overal album. From the outfits to choreography, even the teasers. Because of that, I bet the company staff were worn out. If good things were good during BEAST, I wanted to pay more attention to the solo album. That′s why the title of the album is even My."

What kind of image do you want to ultimately show?

"I′m not the type to like business. I don′t want to show a forced image. I want to give fans the impression that I′ll become cooler when I come out with BEAST next time. I hope to be influential as a solo artist as well."

[Interview Pt. 2] Jang Hyun Seung is Amazed at Where He and Big Bang are Now

What was the most difficult part about preparing the album?

"Choosing the title song was the most burdensome. I personally am quite sad about Break Up With Him. It was a song that I wondered if I should release a digital single with. After talking with the CEO, Ma First ended up being the title song. It was a song that I held onto for a month and a half, so it was a pity. After that, I couldn′t do anything for three weeks, but now that I look back, it was better to show my colors with Ma First."

Your promotion period overlaps with Big Bang. Do you feel burdened or self-conscious?

"Big Bang is an enormously big team. It doesn′t even make sense to say the word face-off. It′s not that I wanted to come out in May, but I had to because of schedules. I think it′s awesome that the five people that I filmed a documentary program with have grown to be such an amazing group. I also didn′t just disappear after getting dropped, but I debuted with a great group called BEAST and received love. Isn′t it a good picture for everyone?"

Was there anything you regret about the album?

"I don′t. I′m quite satisfied with the music, choreography, outfits, and hairstyling. There are no songs in there just to fill in space. It′s unfortunate to just promote two weeks, but I think it′s a great opportunity to show different charms."

It′s your first solo promotion. Why just two weeks?

"I honestly wanted to do it longer, but schedule wise, it didn′t fit. It wasn′t easy because of BEAST concerts in Japan and different countries in Asia. It′s not too bad to show clean-cut performances for two weeks and then go."

What kind of review would you like to receive as Soloist Jang Hyun Seung?

"I hope to be seen as a singer who isn′t a standard idol but is growing with potential."

What is your plan for the remaining promotion period?

"I want to show a great image in the time given to me. I hope to pull of performances with ease despite being alone, sing well live, and dance with no issues. I want to end my solo promotions with good reviews."

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Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

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