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Alpha Girls

[Alpha Girls] Episode 4 - Play Time is Over

Updated Date : 2014-06-26 16:13:00
The girls are busier than ever on Alpha Girls TV! Play time is over as Soo Joo, Mina, Miss Lawn & TOKiMONSTA embark in the beginning of a challenging but exciting work ahead. In this episode: Soo Joo goes to casting calls for Jeremy Scott and others, TOKiMONSTA kills her first Korean gig & chats with Woo Young from 2PM, Mina collaborates with D9 Reserve and waits to meet Pharrell and Lanie deals with internal team drama at Fashion Trade Show.
Alpha Girls
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  • Alpha Girls follows four jet-setting, career driven girls at the top of their creative games as they juggle work, relationships and everything in between to grow their brand and themselves personally. Capturing the essence of their hustle and the drama of their everyday lives, Alpha Girls will reveal each of their individual and universal journeys as they work with some of the biggest names in the music and fashion industries.