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KCON Experience 2014

[KCON 2014] Episode 1 - Welcome to KCON Experience 2014

Updated Date : 2014-07-25 13:56:00
With only 2 weeks left until KCON 2014, we bring you the first episode of the KCON Experience 2014! Join Christina Lee and others as we recap what KCON is and why you HAVE to tune in to the KCON Experience.
KCON Experience 2014
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  • KCON EXPERIENCE 2014 is a new web-series that “brings KCON to your fingertips." This series will showcase every aspect of this year’s KCON, from the very beginning to the final conclusion. Follow us from the moment your favorite stars land in Los Angeles and join the KCON EXPERIENCE 2014 VJs for backstage footage and a glimpse at the weekend’s panels, fan meetings, food stands, and more, exclusively through KCON EXPERIENCE 2014.